9th October 2019


Back by popular demand, Mad World Summit 2019 will host an afternoon session of 10 roundtables - each accommodating 12 attendees.

Delegates will be able to pre-book a seat at any roundtable on a first come basis. We shall notify delegates when the reservation system is open.

Roundtable is a form of discussion. Participants agree on a specific topic to discuss and debate. Each person is given equal right to participate.

Here are some of the topics that are likely to be discussed at the 2019 event;

Suggested roundtable topics:

Assessing employee engagement as part of an effective mental health and wellbeing strategy

Positive mental health strategies

Getting started: how to define and structure a mental health and wellbeing strategy for your organisation

Mental health and wellbeing in the call centre

Supporting the wellbeing of remote, flexible and gig economy workers

Understanding and dealing with addiction in the workplace

Dealing with trauma

Health gain: a new way of embedding mental health strategies in the workplace

Finding the balance between an individual and employer’s responsibility for mental health and wellbeing in the workplace

Reasonable adjustments: supporting employees with mental health conditions to ensure work is a force for good

The link between mental health, wellbeing and talent management

Domestic abuse: the next frontier in supporting mental health and wellbeing in the workplace