Farhana Kuddus

Farhana is a multi-award-winning Global Diversity & Inclusion thought leader and Business Transformation Expert. She leads with passion, holding people at the centre and is currently Global Director of Diversity & Inclusion in Banking and D&I Advisor to NASA.
She’s trailblazed across transformational change and D&I Strategy at Law Firms, Technology, Financial Services, Banking, Broadcasting & Media. Farhana sets vision and builds strategy, offering thought leadership right across the DEl spectrum to galvanise colleagues towards a greater place of togetherness and equity.

Farhana advises across multiple Advisory Boards, to eradicate discrimination and build sustainable impactful solutions for the future of ESG and D&I. She’s a Top 20 Global Diversity Leader, recognised at the European Diversity Awards 2022 within Head of Diversity of the Year, and accredited as an “Exceptional Inclusion Leader” in the Ethnicity Awards 2022. In the Fintech space Farhana leads from the front, credited for innovative strategies while re-imagining the way business is done ethnically both internally and externally – she was awarded as a Standout Top 35 and named in the Fintech Women’s Powerlist 2021. Most recently she has been named for her sterling leadership and advocacy in the Top 100 Influential Muslim & Allies List.

She is a STEM Ambassador, serves as a Coach and Mentor, guiding young people, professionals and creating opportunity for the less privileged. Farhana has partnered with many household names.