Laura Hearn is a writer, storyteller and mental health advocate.

She is the founder of ‘A-Way-With-Words’ – a journalist-led storytelling consultancy that educates, inspires and motivates audiences by finding and sharing the story that needs to be told.

Laura is an astute communicator with 17 years of experience working as a BBC journalist and producer across multiple platforms; including Radio, TV, Digital, online and PR. Laurahas worked with some of the BBC’s leading talent, producing sensitive and highly detailed content.

Laura is a passionate and tenacious individual, who believes in the power of storytelling and language to connect communities. Laura has crafted the skill of translating the complex into simple, relatable and compelling content, to help individuals, organisations and businesses increase engagement.

Laura has managed multiple high-level projects concurrently, in a highly demanding and pressured news environment, and is known for her ability to remain calm and deliver within tight deadlines.

She is continuously looking for fresh and innovative ways to tell stories, and has a reputation for being resourceful and creative in reaching underserved audiences. She has a strong instinct for what constitutes a story, and a talent for spotting future trends.

As a mental health consultant, Laura uses experience of recovery from mental ill health and how she learnt to heal from an eating disorder after spending 8 months in an inpatient treatment centre in the US. Using the tools she learnt alongside her skills as a storyteller, Laura trains leaders in mental health awareness. She advises organisations on their mental health strategy and encourages leaders to realise the financial and moral benefits of putting wellbeing at the heart of everything they do.