Sean Tolram has over 20 years of experience in the corporate world, leading digital teams at IBM, Arcadia and HSBC. He now heads up the HSBC Mindfulness Team where he is helping employees to nurture their brains and achieve their true potential. Sean believes that by moving out of fight or flight mode, where many of us usually are, we can open up the true potential of our brains. In his early career he saw too many colleagues fall victim to stress-related illness. And he was surprised by the fact that many of them took time off to recover, only to return and go through the same cycle all over again. Sean promotes the idea that work should be good for you. It should motivate and energise you, and give you a sense of fulfilment. However, studies have shown that employees are experiencing higher levels of stress and anxiety than ever. And reports of burnout and exhaustion continue to increase year after year. Sean is passionate about reversing this trend by creating healthy systems in the workplace which enable long term culture change.