Sponsor: ART Health Solutions

ART Health Solutions is creating a world with happier, healthier, and higher performing people. 

Modern workplaces across the UK are struggling with a large health and wellbeing problem that simply isn’t being addressed in the right way.

Traditional workplace wellbeing solutions are costly, aren’t providing results or are only hitting the spot with a handful of employees.  It’s time for something new…

At ART, we’ve developed a data-driven solution that puts the employee at the front and centre of workplace wellbeing. 

Using the same principles delivered to world-class athletes, One Wellbeing supports your employees through their own personal wellbeing marathons.  Our solution can provide them with data-driven insights and support to help them thrive in everyday life.

Utilising employee data and our knowledge of the Wellbeing Fundamentals, we provide personalised insights, recommendations and support that fits each employee’s individual needs and goals.

By putting employees front and centre of our wellbeing solutions, we can provide a workplace wellbeing experience that recognises their individuality and is as unique as they are.