Sponsor: Carifit

Carifit is the complete parental leave support system. Best in class wellbeing made simple: the Carifit + baby carrier powered through the Carifit app. Listed in the Royal College of GPs Clinical Lifestyle Toolkit, our specifically post-natal designed, babywearing Carifit program is proven in multiple studies to improve post-natal depression symptoms, reduce parental anxiety and increase the parent/baby bond. Employees get health and wellbeing support personalised to their individual parenting journey, with access through the ORCHA accredited app to Carifit workouts on demand and expert mental health, physio, medical, women’s health and infant sleep guidance. They also receive our best-in-class, eco-friendly, designed-for-comfort baby carrier to optimise the benefits of the Carifit experience. Help your employees get physically and mentally stronger and facilitate their transition back to the workplace.