Sponsor: Frog Systems

Through its Ashia employee wellbeing platform, Frog Systems helps companies proactively support their people before a point of crisis is reached.

Ashia is where Spotify meets Netflix. A truly affordable platform, designed for any sized organisation, offering 16 wellbeing channels packed with thousands of videos, podcasts, and curated resources to help your employees through life’s challenges. By bringing together human stories, directories of local support services and resources, along with insight from dynamic real time analytics, Ashia educates, empowers, and breaks down stigma.

You’ll get all the features that you’ve come to expect from your favourite streaming services, from playlists to personalising your preferences to track, share and learn. Add your own organisation’s content – policies, EAP details to employee videos – to create a highly cost effective, dynamic 24 x 7 centralised wellbeing hub.

Ashia makes it easier to find HOPE – a necessity to living and working well.