Sponsor: HARKN

Harkn is a pioneering UK-based employee voice technology company committed to transforming workplace dynamics.

At the heart of our mission is a focus on cultivating environments of trust, inclusivity, and ongoing engagement.

We empower organisations to hear more of what truly matters from their employees by offering a safe, confidential platform for sharing experiences, ideas, and much more.

Our cutting-edge tools proactively support employee well-being and mental health by capturing day-to-day sentiment and facilitating open dialogue, thus identifying needs before they escalate into a crisis.

As staunch advocates for psychological safety, we aim to remove the barriers and stigmas that often plague contemporary workplaces. Through this, we foster a culture of open sensemaking that demystifies organisational complexities.

Backed by meaningful insights, we guide decision-makers in keeping a clear, real-time picture of life within their organisation, thereby aiding them in building thriving workplaces.