Sponsor: Kinhub

Kinhub is a health and wellbeing platform that empowers working lives by supporting personal lives.

Workplaces of today are suffering from poor retention, high levels of burnout and a lack of diversity and inclusivity in their teams. Half of the people who leave a company do so because of unhealthy work-life boundaries, and of those, women and people of colour are the worst affected. This mass talent drain and absenteeism is costing employees and businesses alike. Stress-related illness alone costs UK employers more than £56 billion annually. 

Kinhub provides employees with online and in-person coaching, practical guidance and expert-curated content on a range of topics, including fertility, pregnancy and birth, childcare and eldercare, manager training, neurodivergent and mental health support, relationships and divorce, menopause, manopause and financial wellbeing.

Kinhub’s 3:1 matched-subscription policy for low-income families ensures your commitment to a healthy society reaches far beyond your organisation.