Sponsor: Mental Health at Work

Mental Health at Work’s mission is to improve working lives by influencing attitudes and behaviours around workplace mental health. We are a not for profit, community interest company, formed in 2015 and have been a wholly owned subsidiary of the Mental Health Foundation since 2018.  We support organisations to build capability around the workplace mental health agenda by building skills and confidence for employees to have natural and open conversations about mental health. This helps to create rewarding, fulfilling and inclusive working environments. We do this through customised programmes, which include facilitated workshops and webinars, supported by digital learning. We also offer coaching and consultancy. All our workshops are tailored to meet the needs of individual clients, complementing any existing mental health strategy that might be in place. Over the last year we have worked across a broad spectrum of industry sectors including finance, manufacturing, hospitality, legal and retail, reaching employees across over 60 countries around the world.

You can find out more about our work by visiting us at www.mentalhealthatwork.com