This Is Me

This is Me is a pioneering mental health initiative that aims to change attitudes towards mental health in the workplace and support organisations to create healthier and more inclusive workplace cultures, improving employee wellbeing. We do this by supporting employers with the tools they need to;

1. Raise awareness through the Green Ribbon Campaign
2. End the stigma and open up the conversation through This is Me Storytelling
3. Build their employees skills to look after themselves, and each other through our Wellbeing in the Workplace wellbeing tool, developed in partnership with Samaritans.

Developed by Barclays and rolled-out by The Lord Mayor’s Appeal since 2016, This is Me has garnered the backing of businesses across the UK and globally, with over 750 organisations registered for the campaign, with This is Me North West, This is Me Scotland, This is Me West Midlands and This is Me in India launching over the past two years. This is Me is supported by Mind, Samaritans, City Mental Health Alliance and Business Healthy.