MyMynd is a digital health platform helping to get ahead of mental health and wellbeing in the workplace; We enable employees to take control of their mental health and help employers target wellbeing efforts at organisational needs.

What clients like NHS England and Oxford University say sets MyMynd apart is the level of engagement with their employees (60% +) and scale of impact achieved as a result of the proactive, data driven approach and 1-to-1 human intervention.

MyMynd proactively identifies issues for early intervention and directs targeted support precisely where needed to strengthen resilience/wellbeing. The platform is based around a secure assessment using clinically validated tools. Employees get a detailed understanding of their mental health (risks) and protective factors (resilience).

Priority concerns are flagged to our trained responder team for 1-to-1 follow up guidance/personalised resources and all users are directed to targeted resources linked to their individual needs to strengthen their ability to cope.

Employers get aggregated data with trends segmented across the workforce to inform wellbeing plans together with a tailored programme to build organisational capability.