Wellbees is your all-in-one organisational wellbeing solution to elevating employee wellbeing and creating teams that thrive. #HRdreamsreallydocometrue 

With Wellbees:

  •       Take on eight essential aspects of wellbeing proven to trigger personal & cultural behaviour change.
  •       Provide each employee with AI-driven personalised journeys that lead them through 1-to-1 expert sessions, wellness content, daily pulse checks, rewards for their progress, & opportunities to socialise with challenges, clubs, webinars and more!
  •       Boost employee usage & engagement with the help of our Customer Success gladiators, who act as an extension of your team to drive high participation and outcomes constantly!
  •       Access 60+ aggregate data points on your custom HR Dashboard to track progress & engagement.

Let the numbers speak for themselves…

Wellbees clients have:

67% Step Increase                          50% Decrease in Employee Turnover

63% Active Usage                           19% Mood Impact from Expert Sessions

52% Decrease in Absenteeism       25% Increase in Global Wellbeing Index

Above it all, GDPR is our middle name.

Join the 50+ enterprise clients using Wellbees in 17 countries in eight languages today.