The Watercooler

The Watercooler is a free to attend, two-day exhibition and conference on workplace wellbeing and the future of work taking place 25 – 25 April 2023. The event brings together the very latest thinking from over 100 experts, alongside actionable and tangible solutions, to holistically support health, mental health and wellbeing of employees across the UK and beyond.

City Lit

Founded in 1919, City Lit is the ultimate destination for online and class-room based adult courses. Launching on World Mental Health Day, City Lit’s eighth Mental Wealth Festival is taking place from 10th-14th October 2022, and will focus on the importance of time and how we spend it. This year’s festival will invite guests to explore the time they have and how they use it. The programme of events will inspire people to dedicate time to self-care and wellbeing, whether through learning and self-development, spending time with loved ones or engaging in new activities. Find out more at

Evening Standard

Founded in 1827, the Evening Standard is an iconic London brand, recognised as setting the agenda in politics and business, as well as being first with major news and sports stories. The UK’s largest quality daily, it provides brands and marketers with an unparalleled gateway to London’s high-value audiences.


Forbes highlights success through the lens of business, entrepreneurship, wealth, investing and leadership with a focus on the people shaping our world.
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FUTR Summits, FUTR Insights, FUTR Immerse and FUTR Innovate offer year-round touchpoints for those wanting to remain relevant, innovate and keep ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving consumer landscape.

FUTR Group is a global year-round platform covering the future trends shaping retail, marketing and commerce, including Marketing, Social, Video, Data, Artificial Intelligence, Advertising, AR, VR, Voice, Robotics, Retail, Mobile and more.

FUTR Summits (in Europe and Asia) evolves each year to cover the freshest thinking, the most immersive showcases, cutting-edge stories, practical insights and real-time case studies of how the industry is evolving to meet the needs of our ever-changing consumers. The annual gatherings host 3,000 delegates, including 50% of which are brands, retailers and corporates across Digital, Marketing, Ecommerce, Retail, Innovation and Customer Experience.

Internet Retailing

InternetRetailing is delighted to support the Mad World Summit 2022 and is committed to empowering the conversation about mental health in the retail sector.

InternetRetailing is the leading title for professionals in multichannel retail and ecommerce across the UK & Europe, providing insight, analysis and in-depth research focused on driving performance in our dynamic sector.

Representing and informing the ecommerce board-level conversation, with a focus on commercial outcomes and connection with the demanding digital customer.

Our articles on the activities of leading retailers, supplemented by topical White Papers, Webinars, video content and podcasts based on case studies, research and interviews with leading members of the ecommerce sector are free-to-access for retailers. We combine practitioner knowledge of retailing with journalistic analysis and primary research into leading practice.

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Make A Difference

Make a Difference Media is the global learning space for professionals looking to adopt and embed inclusive, preventative strategies that will have a sustainable impact on workplace culture, mental, physical, financial and social wellbeing, as well as work environments. Our mission is to accelerate the shift from stigma to solutions, help employers navigate the maze of information and stay ahead of trends in this fast-evolving sector.

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Monday State of Mind

Monday State of Mind is the weekly email for news & insights on what business & tech are doing for mental health & wellbeing; and what we can do for our own. Read by anybody interested or involved in improving mental health – in society and themselves – by keeping informed on the latest technological innovations, workplace initiatives, brand and charity partnerships and awareness raising campaigns; plus Monday morning motivation to set you and your mind up for the week.
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Smart Cities World

Digital transformation plays a major part in the world around us, often changing the way people interact and engage with the fabric of the workplace.

At SmartCitiesWorld, we report on the latest initiatives that are happening across the world when it comes to transformation of infrastructure from buildings and connectivity to health and governance. We also provide a resource centre of webinars, white papers, eBooks and podcasts which cover a variety of smart city initiatives that are ultimately aimed at the well-being of citizens.

Membership to SmartCitiesWorld is free of charge and provides daily or weekly newsletters direct to your inbox to keep you abreast of latest news. You’ll also get invites to events, roundtables and seminars.

The Mindful Workplace Community

The Mindful Workplace Community (MWC) is a new professional network for individuals and organisations who champion, commission and deliver workplace mindfulness training. It is the primary forum for the international conversation on workplace mindfulness.

With a clear ethical foundation, the MWC offers member organisations and individuals a place of mutual support and learning, and a platform for important conversations about the direction of workplace mindfulness and its role in the rapidly changing world.

The MWC will curate and stage valuable networking and speaker webinars and events, with members gaining access to priority booking and significant savings on entry. Access to a LinkedIn group will enable members to connect directly while a private members’ site hosts profiles, case studies, a diary of events and a growing library of resources to support the research and implementation of mindfulness in the workplace.

Individuals or new member organisations will join the likes of EY, HSBC, Google, GSK and SAP whose success in implementing mindfulness in the workplace has led to their growing commitment to propagate best practice in this field.

The MWC is unaffiliated to any particular provider, instead offering a trusted and neutral meeting space.

If you have any questions about joining or would like any further information, please contact the Mindful Workplace Community Director, Theresa Dzendrowskyj or visit the MWC website.

One Million Lives

It’s hard to change mental health until we can measure it.
It’s time to take matters into our own hands.

Mental health is solvable as a challenge if we do it together, we use technology, and we measure results. With One Million Lives, changing a whole societal problem is in the palm of each of our hands. It is time we move beyond awareness…to put our hands up together and, by checking our own mental health, lead the way for others to check theirs too.

By regularly completing a check-in, we‘ll be better equipped to understand how we are currently coping and be able to generate real-time, personalized solutions. We‘ll be able to start conversations and get support much earlier.

Our goal is to create a ripple effect across the globe, where over one million people are inspired to complete a mental health check-in. We want to break down the barriers that hinder honest conversations about mental health and encourage an open culture of support. We believe that one million lives are in our reach. With you beside us, we can reach so many millions more. If ever a problem was worth coming together to harness our values, our networks and our technology, it is this. And the time is now.

One Million Lives check-in tool

Our check-in tool has been developed incorporating the Kessler Psychological Distress Scale (K10), a globally recognized psychological screening tool. The tool allows users to understand their current mental health strengths and challenges and provides suggestions for how to improve mental health based on your own scores. For those who might be feeling well, the tool also assesses early signs and proactive strategies, such as sleep, exercise or social media behaviours.
One Million Lives is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any mental health disease or condition. Please seek immediate help from trained medical physicians if you suspect you are suffering from any mental health or other medical condition.

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Check-in Tool:

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Key Contacts
Project Director: Paul Hendry
Project Managers: Katie Moore
Amanda Aldred