Dorothy Day is Chief People Officer at GoodShape, who are committed to enabling better business performance through effective workplace wellbeing and health management.  She oversees GoodShape’s people and culture strategy to ensure healthy, happy people are at the core of the organisation.

Ultimately, her mission is to enable GoodShape to provide the very best customer experience by ensuring their own people are in good shape too.

With over 22 years’ experience, leading and delivering people strategy, organisational design and change in commercial sector businesses, Dorothy has driven organisational transformation through people-centric strategies that have helped change to ‘stick’.

Her résumé includes large corporates such as EON, Boots, Weetabix and NFU Mutual alongside small and mid-sized start-ups and charities.  She is excited to share the learnings of her broad strategic experience and people-first approach with session attendees at MAD World Summit.