Ryan is the Global Future of Work Lead at Finastra, creating a workplace where 10,000 people love to work. From unlimited paid vacation and developing thought leadership around how to switch off from tech with Microsoft to world first innovations – ‘the In office OOO’; all of this being shared in a fun and engaging manner on socials, going viral on LinkedIn & TikTok (over 2M views across all platforms). Ryan is creating workplaces/cultures (beyond his own) where people thrive, not just survive, where wellbeing isn’t simply a nice to have, or something which is thought about when people are sick or as a one off event.

The overriding purpose of all his work is to create the culture/environments for the workforces of the future to flourish and did so at Sainsbury’s, where he was able to improve colleague happiness throughout the pandemic. Prior to that, Ryan was shortlisted for the U.K. Consulting industry’s ‘Rising Star’ award for his contribution to wellbeing while working at Deloitte, where he developed the future of work strategies for the world’s biggest companies.