Sponsor: MYNDUP

MYNDUP offers live 1:1 video sessions for your employees across the entire mental health spectrum, including:

  • Therapy & Counselling
  • Life & Career Coaching
  • Mindfulness & Meditation

With MYNDUP, your team can anonymously benefit from virtual sessions with world-leading experts across the whole mental health spectrum.

Academic research underpins the MYNDUP philosophy – concluding that a range of mental health solutions are required for effective treatment – which is what many EAP providers and insurance companies fail to deliver.

How does it benefit your workforce?

  • Reduced employee stress, anxiety, and depression in 96% of users
  • Boosted employee confidence, motivation, and productivity in 99% of users

MYNDUP has 6x higher engagement rates than the industry average, so you can be sure your team will get the full benefit of a mental health solution.