Neuron Wellness is a health tech start-up and now the leading provider of Smart Wellness® in the UK. We deliver cutting-edge training courses, wellness programmes and workshops for employers, based on the Amazon best-selling book by neuroscientist and former Olympic psychologist, Dr Julia Jones aka Dr Rock. The Gut-Brain-Axis is at the core of our science-based employee wellness programme. In September 2022, we also launched our new Smart Gut Test, our first Live Bacteria Bar and 30 Diversity fruit and veg subscription box (the only box to actually meet the new recommended nutritional intake of 30 different plants per week). We’ll show you why 50 years of huge diet and fitness trends failed to produce healthy nations. We’ll help you put your workforce back in control of their mental and physical health through the simple Smart Wellness habit-based approach. Our employer client base ranges from SMEs to the world’s leading corporates.