8th October 2020

Write For Us

It’s great to hear you’re interested in being a guest contributor to Mad World News

We are a home to fresh thinking for the future of workplace wellbeing; spotlight on mental health. Our mission: to eradicate stigma and spark a new era of mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

As Mad World is a forum for peers, putting mental health at the heart of a cross-industry, cross-functional agenda, we are interested in wider lessons we can learn that bring to life best practices in our sector.

This includes case studies that illustrate how employers are creating robust and practical wellbeing programmes; examples of workplace cultures and management practices that enable employees to not just survive but thrive; insights into the latest developments in technologies that support mental wellbeing; commentary on the socio-economic environment and policies affecting mental health in the workplace; as well as personal stories that illustrate a key point.

  • Articles should range from 500 words (single clear point expressed in depth) to 1200 words (longer case studies or multifaceted arguments). 
  • For longer/deeper treatments then consider pitching a series of articles that cover the topic in accessible pieces
  • We include a professional mini-profile as part of your author page
  • Images submitted must be accompanied by full rights and credit information or we are unable to use them and reserve the right to substitute imagery of our own

Please note: All submissions must be exclusive and not published elsewhere either previously or subsequently. If you have a cherished piece published elsewhere then do let us know by emailing, since we do occasional roundups for our community.

When submitting a pitch or an article for review: Please include your biography and any other information that will help us learn about who you are and your experience and expertise.

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