Mercer Marsh Benefits (MMB) has designed a new digital workplace mental health training course to help employees thrive and perform at their best. By helping us all stay at the healthy end of the mental health continuum, we can build stronger, more resilient workplaces.

For many employees, mental health has come under enormous, prolonged strain, and providing support in this area remains a critical priority for employers. The challenge is how to provide mental health support that effectively reaches, engages and benefits every employee.

We want to smash the stigma around anxiety, depression, stress and other common conditions. Our ambition is to make it easier for employees worldwide to care for their mental wellbeing, and their colleagues’ too.

So, in collaboration with Make A Difference Media and with the brilliant input of familiar faces from athletes to supermodels, we have created a four-part digital learning programme that looks at key aspects of mental wellbeing.

The highly engaging e-learning programme highlights the key symptoms of common mental health conditions and how
to spot early warning signs in yourself and others. Packed with practical tips, reflective questions and calls to action, this programme helps employees build personal resilience and to learn how to bounce back – or even forwards – from challenges and setbacks.

Please visit this site for more information: