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Wellbeing is about people and creating the conditions for us all to thrive. It’s quality of life and prosperity, positive physical and mental health, sustainable thriving communities.

Underneath the Lemon Tree: A Memoir of Depression and Recovery – Mark Rice Oxley

On paper, things looked good for Mark Rice-Oxley: wife, children, fulfilling job. But then, at his 40th birthday party, his whole world crumbled as he succumbed to depression… How many men do you know who have been through periods when their lives haven’t seemed right? How badly askew were things for them? Many men suffer from depression yet it is still a subject that is taboo. Men often don’t visit the doctor, or they don’t want to face up to feelings of weakness and vulnerability. By telling his story, Mark Rice-Oxley hopes it will enable others to tell theirs. In this intensely moving memoir he retraces the months of his utmost despair, revisiting a landscape from which at times he felt he would never escape.

Thrive In The City

Thrive in the City are passionate about creating a safe, creative, inspiring and physical space for workers and residents in the City of London.

This is Me

This is me is determined to #endthestigma around mental health in the city. Visibly show your support with the Green Ribbon! The green ribbon has the simple but powerful message of “Together we can #endthestigma” and will be worn by employees across the City and beyond during Mental Health Awareness Week 2018.

The Shaw Mind Foundation

The Shaw Mind Foundation strives to break down the barriers surrounding talking about mental illnesses – and this includes in the workplace.

The Private Practice Hub – currently talking to 85,000+ therapists in private practice

The Private Practice Hub helps therapists and coaches to start and grow their business. Their website is packed full of useful articles about finance, marketing, business plans, coaching, online therapy, software, professional issues and more. You can find CPD events and training on the events database, read reviews of software for therapists, watch live or pre-recorded webinars and workshops on the PPH TV channel, find therapy rooms to rent, and download free business templates. You can also access special offers from businesses providing services to therapists.

The Listening Place

The world can feel like a very lonely place if you are feeling that life is no longer worth living: not only is it difficult to share those feelings but it can be hard to get the care and support that will make a difference.

The Listening Place offers a warm and welcoming environment; somewhere that individuals can talk openly about their feelings without being judged or being given advice.

The Ecology of the Soul – Peace, Power and Personal Growth for Real People in the Real World

Power Seeds and Magic Minutes: the route to inner space. The Ecology of the Soul: A Manual of Peace, Power and Personal Growth for Real People in the Real World explains the seven powers of our own inner ecosystem – the Ecology of the Soul – and how to revive them to regain our natural, true state of peace, power and well-being. When the Ecology of the Soul is in balance, we live and thrive in this world, and create the new one, with grace, harmony and beauty. Each one of the seven powers – Nature, Creativity, Endurance, Love, Communication, Focus and Connection – generates seven separate meditations, which in turn create ‘Power Seeds’ of thought and mental habit. Plant one a day, and in a ‘Magic Minute’ – 60 powerful seconds of daily, active meditation – you achieve the balance, power and peace of Soul Consciousness. Warm, accessible, even humorous, the book acknowledges that we’re all human and not everyone is able or willing to aim for the highest path of enlightenment. It gives practical methods by which anyone, at whatever level of commitment, can benefit.

The 888 Collective

The 888 Collective is a social enterprise focused on creating work opportunities for people with mental health issues. Supporting those who want to get back into the work environment by delivering a series of Personal Development and Mental Health Awareness courses and workshops. Providing work opportunities through 88L8’s, bespoke dining experiences, all staffed by The 888 Collective members. Developing an A.I. driven app that guides and supports the user along their journey leading them through an online version of the course and culminating in connecting them to potential employers.

Society Of Occupational Medicine

Suggested steps to take when commissioning an occupational health service.


Minds@Work aims to break the stigma of depression and anxiety in the working world. We want to create mentally and emotionally healthy and human workplaces where individuals can flourish and organisations prosper.


Whether you’re an employee worried about your own or a colleague’s mental health, a company looking for a charity partner, or an HR professional interested in improving mental wellbeing in your organisation – we’re here to help.

Mental Health First Aid

We’re on a mission to train one in ten of the population in England in Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) skills – because we all have mental health.

Mental health education empowers people to care for themselves and others. By reducing stigma through understanding, we hope to break down barriers to the support that people may need to stay well, recover, or manage their symptoms – to thrive in learning, work and life.

Made It Thru the Rain – Beverley Jones

In this inspirational book of one woman’s journey through depression, Beverley Jones leads you along her personal road to recovery and beyond, courageously demonstrating how an ordinary life can become extraordinary and how experience can indeed be the greatest gift. Each chapter starts with a poem and ends with a quote which depicates the feelings of the author at the time.


At Jiggsy our aim is to engage, explore and challenge mental health and wellbeing issues, that affect your daily life.


The IoD has created this mental health hub to help business leaders promote and nurture good mental health in the workplace — and to help them spot the signs of mental health problems and know how to help. Our hub is packed full of helpful advice, best practice and useful resources, as well as shared experiences from business leaders as to how they look after their own mental health and that of their employees.

I Am 1 in 4

Get your FREE daily mental health planner.

Counselling Directory

Counselling Directory was set up by a team who know how difficult it can be to find support. Through our own experiences of mental health issues, we have learnt how important having relevant information is and how the right support can help transform lives. Our team is passionate about counselling and we want to promote the huge benefits talk therapy can have.

Our website is a confidential service that encourages those in need to seek help and to connect individuals with qualified counsellors in the UK. The site contains information on the common reasons people turn to counselling, as well as articles, news, and events. To ensure the professionalism of our website, all counsellors have provided us with proof of membership with a professional body.

City Mental Health Alliance

Everyone has mental health in the same way as everyone has physical health. The focus is therefore on supporting all City workers to achieve our full potential, for ourselves, our families, our communities and the businesses for whom we work, throughout our working lives.


Case studies from the corporate world — putting mental health and wellbeing into action.


Business is waking up to the scale of poor mental health in the workplace, but there is still a long way to go.  Our second National Employee Mental Wellbeing Survey in partnership with YouGov, part of a three-year collaborative project with business and five national partners, reveals that although there has been progress against our three calls to action and recommendations in the 2016 report, too many men and women with mental health issues are suffering in silence in work, unable to seek help from colleagues or managers.  Fears of prejudice and exclusion are limiting employee’s ability to achieve their full potential.

Mad World Green Paper

The Real Value of Wellbeing – A CEO guide to unlocking wellness as an asset class

Mad World Green Paper

Leader Workstyle that Stimulates Positive Psychological Health and Safety at Work

Mind Share Partners

A Guide To Support Employee Mental Health During The Coronavirus Pandemic

City Mental Health Alliance

Supporting the mental health of furloughed workers during the coronavirus outbreak

City Mental Health Alliance

Supporting colleagues to stay mentally healthy in unusual working conditions