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Since 2018, we’ve been growing a fantastic network of like-minded employers, from across sectors, representing a wide range of job functions, who all want to make a difference to workplace culture, mental health and wellbeing.

Building on this network and recognising that above all else, employers love to learn from each other’s experiences of what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to workplace wellbeing, we are inviting employers from across our network to join our “Make A Difference Leaders’ Club”.

Membership of the “Make A Difference Leaders’ Club” is free and open to any employer as long as you’re not a supplier of workplace wellbeing products and services.

Members benefit from:

  • Invitations to attend the Make A Difference Leaders’ Club breakfast and working lunch meetings
  • Invitations to attend dinners, roundtables and other virtual and in-person networking events
  • Privileged access to Make A Difference reports and research
  • VIP access to The Watercooler Event

Make A Difference Leaders’ Club:

Across 2024 we will run 3 Make A Difference Leaders’ Club breakfast or lunch meetings.

The next event is to be held at The Watercooler event April 23-24 at ExCel in London.

There will be a members lounge at the event for 2 days. Members can use the lounge to relax, network and enjoy complimentary light lunch and beverages each day.

There will be an official members club lunch meeting April 23.

Summer and Autumn meetings will be confirmed soon.

All of the Leaders’ Club meetings are run following Chatham House Rules to encourage openness.

Key anonymous insights from each meeting are shared as a report with the Make A Difference network, in line with our goal to build and share best practice in workplace wellbeing.


If you would like to join the Make A Difference Leaders’ Club, simply complete and submit the form below. You’ll be in excellent company. Members already include senior representatives with a workplace wellbeing remit from:

Air Ambulance Service ⋅ Accor ⋅ Acre ⋅ Alzheimer’s Society ⋅ BA ⋅ BBC ⋅ BMW Group ⋅ BP ⋅ Burberry ⋅ Cadent Gas ⋅ Centrica ⋅ ComputaCenter ⋅ Concentrix ⋅ Co-op Group ⋅ Costain ⋅ Coty ⋅ EDF Energy ⋅ Emcor ⋅ Ericsson ⋅ Expedia Group ⋅ Financial Ombudsman Service ⋅ Geodis ⋅ GRAHAM Group ⋅ Guide Dogs ⋅ Hays ⋅ Heathrow Airport ⋅ Highland Europe ⋅ Homes England ⋅ Inchcape ⋅ Indeed ⋅ JN Bentley ⋅  Kier Group ⋅ London City Airport ⋅ Lucky Generals ⋅ Macmillan ⋅ Microsoft ⋅ NHS Trusts ⋅ Mottmac ⋅ National Grid ⋅ NatWest Group ⋅ PMI ⋅ Roberts Radio ⋅ RSPB ⋅ Saga ⋅ Sainsbury’s Supermarkets ⋅ Sandwell College ⋅ Serco ⋅ Spotify ⋅ Talkdesk ⋅ Wella…

…and many more

The Leaders’ Club meetings are free to attend for employers and offer senior peer-to-peer networking and real-time knowledge exchange in a sales-free environment. We are able to hold these meetings thanks to the generous support of our forward-thinking sponsors.