Lucinda Soon

Lucinda Soon is a regulatory lawyer, organisational psychologist, and academic researcher passionate about creating ethical and healthy workplaces in law. 

With more than a decade of experience in professional ethics, risk and compliance, organisational psychology and data science, Lucinda’s interests focus on how work design and workplace systems, cultures and contexts influence lawyers’ decision making, behaviours and wellbeing.

Alongside her academic work in this area, Lucinda applies empirical and evidence-based methods to help law firms and in-house legal teams assess and manage these issues in practice, advising on interventions to mitigate associated risks at an organisational and group level.

Lucinda also works with professional regulators to ensure that regulatory and decision-making processes take into account the contextual nuances of professional practice and the mental health and wellbeing of those they regulate.

A recognised expert in her field, Lucinda regularly peer reviews for international journals on emerging research on legal professional practice and wellbeing. She also engages in policy initiatives at a profession-wide level through her roles as Trustee for LawCare and Commissioner for the International Bar Association (IBA) Professional Wellbeing Commission.