The Society of Occupational Medicine (SOM)

The Society of Occupational Medicine (SOM) is a multidisciplinary professional society whose membership includes 1,800+ occupational health doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and technicians. SOM Patrons are Lord Blunkett, Dame Carol Black, and Sir Norman Lamb. The SOM is concerned with:

  • the protection of the health of people in the workplace
  • the prevention of environmental injuries and disease
  • related environmental issues.

The SOM stimulates interest and research in occupational medicine and works with the government, the healthcare community, health charities and other bodies to promote a healthier workforce. It also acts as the voice of occupational medicine, responding to consultative documents and media enquiries on issues affecting the specialty. A national leader in providing continued professional development and education for all doctors and healthcare professionals working in occupational health, it is also a forum for the exchange of ideas, best practice and networking opportunities.

SOM’s inaugural Occupational Health Awareness Week promoted the value of occupational health to employers and the wider community. SOM has produced a number of COVID-19 resources, including Long COVID guides for workers and managersmental health support for small businesses, a presenteeism guide and guidelines for return to work in the roadmap out of lockdown. Listen to SOM’s new Podcast series here: