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At Fika, we’re on a mission to mainstream mental fitness.

Fika’s pioneering approach is designed to transform organisational culture, building mentally fit communities where your business and your people will thrive.

Fika increases individual, group and business performance by building skills that are essential to creating cohesive, connected teams, engaged employees and preventing burnout.

Meanwhile, our integrated three-pillar approach uniquely places us to reach every employee and create long-lasting behavioural change; the best way to change an individual’s behaviour is to put them in a culture where the desired behaviour is the norm. That’s the inspiration for Fika and that’s what we help you do through:

Individual tools that support personal development and growth – employees are more positive, have better belief in themselves and improved life satisfaction – key indicators of performance
Tools for leaders and groups to turbo-charge collective responsibility and impact – teams feel better trust and inclusion – key drivers of collaboration and innovation
Strategic integrations that forge lasting behavioural change, creating a sustainable culture of mental fitness – organisations observe less burnout and greater engagement – key drivers of retention
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GoodShape transforms the way you manage the health and wellbeing of your employees. We’re driven by a simple belief – when you look after the health and wellbeing of your people, you can radically improve the performance of your organisation.

Over the past 17 years we’ve partnered with over 200 of the UK’s leading employers, from FTSE 100 companies to NHS Trusts. We help simplify the management of unplanned absence, demonstrably reduce the main causes of absence, inform smarter workforce strategies through efficient resource planning, and reduce the risks to the employer and employees.

We bring together a powerful mix of technology and clinical services that are proven to deliver results. Our dedicated in-house nurse team is on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week, providing your people with support and guidance when they need it most. Minimising time off due to ill health… and when the time is right, ensuring every return to work is safe and compliant.

To discover how GoodShape helps NHS Trusts to support, attract, and retain the best talent, please get in touch at



Loved by employees, Headspace for Work is an employee mental health benefit rooted in easy-to-adopt, enterprise-ready mindfulness programs that improve employee and workplace wellbeing. We achieve this through proven methods and practical, daily skill-building routines that guide employees toward better habits around stress, sleep, focus and resilience.

Koa Health

Koa Health

Koa Health – mental health and wellbeing solutions for your employees.

Trusted by leading insurers and employers such as Mapfre, O2, and Education First, Koa Health leverages deep clinical expertise, research, and technology to deliver practical, personalised and accessible evidence-based support for your employees at a time and place that suits them.

Our top-ranked mobile-first solutions have been shown to have a positive impact on stress, resilience, sleep and overall life satisfaction with just two weeks of use in randomised controlled trials.

As an employer you gain insights through aggregate data and reporting on the engagement and health of your employee population. Additionally, your organisation is offered support to launch, engage and educate leaders and employee populations on how to make the most of the solutions and drive uptake and return on investment.

To discover how Koa Health can help your organisation achieve its wellbeing goals, go to or visit stand 22.



Founded in 2016, Unmind is the leading workplace mental health platform, empowering more than 2.5 million employees around the world to live more fulfilling and balanced lives. Underpinned by clinical psychology and powered by technology, the platform helps employees proactively measure, understand, and nurture their own mental health across seven core areas of wellbeing – fulfilment, coping, calmness, happiness, connection, health, and sleep. With Unmind, leaders are empowered to drive cultural change across their organisation by accessing aggregated and anonymised insights into the wellbeing of their people. Uber, Virgin Media, Woolworths, Gymshark, and the NHS are some of the many organisations that have partnered with Unmind to create a world where mental health is universally understood, nurtured, and celebrated.



We are a not-for-profit health and wellbeing provider with a proud history of making quality healthcare accessible to working people across the UK. We continue to make a difference today, taking pride in the fact that we can evidence the positive impact that we have on the lives of those we reach. We are on a mission to transform the employer wellbeing space, by significantly raising the standard of clinical outcomes. Our aim is to deliver exceptional experiences through evidence-based services that are meaningful. This human-centred, case-managed approach to mental health is built on years of deep-rooted understanding. By intervening early, we can make a positive impact on workplace wellbeing; helping to keep employees in work – and mentally, physically, and financially healthy.

BHSF services include employee mental health support, occupational health, employee wellbeing and health insurance products. 10 or 10,000 employees – we’ve got something to suit everyone.




Onebright is building a new way to deliver mental healthcare for employers and their employees around the world – investing in clinical expertise and technology solutions to deliver a complete mental healthcare service at scale. Our mission is to create a brighter tomorrow by providing easy access to personalised, life changing mental health support. 

We are committed to providing every person with the best mental healthcare, offering hope for a better and brighter future.  Our services include cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), psychiatry and counselling, treating a full range of conditions ranging from anxiety to depression, worry to PTSD, troubled sleep and stress. We support individuals and work with corporate businesses, PMI, SMEs, occupational health teams, group income protection providers, EAP and healthcare professionals.

We believe that everyone should have access to the right mental health treatment wherever and however they need it. Already the biggest provider of outpatient mental health care in the UK, we are on a journey to become the leading mental health provider internationally. We bring hope.



Peppy provides personalised health support to employees for underserved areas, including menopause, fertility, pregnancy and early parenthood. By giving their people Peppy, organisations connect them to human experts via chat, virtual consultation and a library of resources, all on a secure mobile app.

The company was founded by Evan Harris, Max Landry, and Dr. Mridula Pore in 2018 and works with a range of employers (including Clifford Chance, Santander and Wickes) to empower their employees with specialist support and help create a culture of belonging.



SilverCloud is a digital, on-demand platform designed to strengthen mental health and wellbeing. We are the most trusted digital solution for mental health in the world, covering over 100 million lives[1] across half a dozen countries.[2]

We empower users to think and feel better, faster, through interactive programs on our platform that are personalized to their needs.

Users can access the SilverCloud platform in the privacy of an app on their mobile, tablet, or computer.

Our platform is clinically proven to be as effective as face-to-face therapy at a fraction of the cost: up to 80% of users show improvement in anxiety and depression. That’s because SilverCloud isn’t just “backed by research.”

We quite literally wrote the research that pioneered digital mental health nearly two decades ago in partnership with the NHS. For companies, this improvement in mental health and wellbeing translates to higher employee productivity, retention, and trust. With SilverCloud, companies have a proven solution to unlock the potential of their workforce.

[1] Statistic provided by SilverCloud
[2] Conservatively estimated as: US, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Germany and Australia.



Company profile to follow.



ART Health Solutions is creating a world with happier, healthier, and higher performing people. 

By supporting your employees’ health and wellbeing, they’ll be able to perform at their best at work and at home. We all feel good when we’re successful and by giving your employees the tools to succeed, you’ll be building a positive and enthusiastic work environment for all to enjoy.

Our state-of-the-art software will analyse the data from each employee and deliver advice and support based on their individual needs. It’s like having a health, wellbeing and performance coach in your pocket!


Records movement and rest


Measures happiness and overall sentiment movement and rest


Tests cognitive performance, short-term memory, focus and more



There are at least 400,000 people currently experiencing serious gambling related harm in the UK, with a further 2 million at risk (Public Health England). Out of control gambling can damage relationships, finances, and physical and mental health. At work, productivity, ambition, and engagement may be affected, as well as adherence to safety protocols and vulnerability to criminal activity.

BetknowmoreUK was established by individuals with lived experience of gambling harms, who now use that insight and knowledge to help others.

We do this by supporting individuals harmed by gambling using 1:1 peer support and group work. And, through our training arm, we educate professionals in many sectors from healthcare through to the gambling industry itself.

Our Worksafe programme was created to provide tailored support to employers, as they develop a wellbeing at work approach to gambling harms whilst at the same time mitigating business risk.



At Brown Paper Packages we provide a unique wellbeing corporate gift service for businesses looking to impact the wellbeing of staff. We are champions for mental health and our products support both mental and physical wellbeing.   

We have an extensive range of wellbeing products for her, for him, and for children, and we source products to meet any specified project brief. We offer cost effective signature eco packaging and message cards as well as fully branded options.

– Visit our website to order supportive gifts for staff that aren’t flowers. 

– Build your own gift box from a huge catalogue of wellbeing products. 

– Create an online account for bulk discounts.

– Book a consultation with our expert buyer for bespoke gift boxes and branded gifts.

– Deliver digital gift options directly to your staff’s inbox.

– Discuss your current projects requiring fulfilment of physical literature or gifts today!

Champion Health

Champion Health

We give people-centric organisations the in-the-moment wellbeing data and strategy support they need to prioritise their people through pandemics, mental health crises and the day-to-day challenges they face.

Our workplace health platform, known as the “Netflix of Wellbeing”, brings all areas of wellbeing into one place, providing leaders with a comprehensive route to improve employee health.
The cutting-edge platform also enables a data-driven approach to workplace health by providing personalised health reports for every employee and powerful, anonymised company analytics to enable leaders to drive meaningful change.

Champion Health was founded by Harry Bliss in 2018 powered by a mission to change and save lives. We continue to be guided by our mission to make workplace health inclusive, accessible and engaging.



Claro Wellbeing is the UK’s #1 digital financial wellbeing platform offering human financial coaching to teams to help build their financial wellbeing. 

Claro Wellbeing helps employees take control of their finances and feel more confident about their financial future, whilst allowing businesses to retain & attract the best talent and develop an open workplace culture around financial wellbeing. 

2022 research into employee financial wellbeing shows that:

  • 67% say financial stress affects their performance at work
  • Employees spend 5 working days a year managing finances during working hours
  • 76% would use a financial wellbeing programme if their employer offered one.
  • 78% said a financial wellbeing programme could keep them in their job longer.
  • 81% said a financial wellbeing programme would increase their job satisfaction 

Join a community of over 40,000 today

To learn more, visit or follow us on LinkedIn, just search for Claro Wellbeing.



companiions is a unique benefit that provides access to high quality in-person companionship and assistance services to support employees balance work, family & life responsibilities

Loving Monday

Loving Monday

At Loving Monday, we believe that work shouldn’t feel like work as we’re all more than just a job title, and we embed this principle in everything we do. We work in 4 key areas and all the links in between to develop your business through people: Culture, Engagement, Leadership and Communication and at 3 levels – Individuals, Teams and across Organisations.

To deliver on these we work collaboratively with our clients to develop bespoke events, learning experiences or multi-phase programmes. From supporting organisations to understand, develop, measure, and evolve their culture or engagement levels, to supporting individuals and teams to develop the communication skill and behaviour needed to build relationships, support wellbeing, and create trust and influence.

We use a wide variety of tools from our ever-growing kit bag focusing on what will create the right emotion and behaviour to drive the change you’re looking for in your unique circumstances.



Mental Health at Work’s mission is to improve working lives by influencing attitudes and behaviours around workplace mental health. We are a not-for-profit CIC, formed in 2015 and have been a wholly owned subsidiary of the Mental Health Foundation since 2018.  We support organisations to build capability around the workplace mental health agenda by building skills and confidence for employees to have natural and open conversations about mental health. We do this through customised programmes, which include facilitated workshops and webinars, supported by digital learning. All our workshops are tailored to meet the needs of individual clients, complementing any existing mental health strategy that might be in place. Over the last year we have worked across a broad spectrum of industry sectors including finance, manufacturing, hospitality, legal and retail, reaching employees across 42 countries around the world.


You can find out more about our work at

Mercer Marsh Benefits

Mercer Marsh Benefits

Mercer Marsh Benefits (MMB) has designed a new digital workplace mental health training course to help employees thrive and perform at their best. By helping us all stay at the healthy end of the mental health continuum, we can build stronger, more resilient workplaces.

For many employees, mental health has come under enormous, prolonged strain, and providing support in this area remains a critical priority for employers. The challenge is how to provide mental health support that effectively reaches, engages and benefits every employee.

We want to smash the stigma around anxiety, depression, stress and other common conditions. Our ambition is to make it easier for employees worldwide to care for their mental wellbeing, and their colleagues’ too.

So, in collaboration with Make A Difference Media and with the brilliant input of familiar faces from athletes to supermodels, we have created a four-part digital learning programme that looks at key aspects of mental wellbeing.

The highly engaging e-learning programme highlights the key symptoms of common mental health conditions and how 

to spot early warning signs in yourself and others. Packed with practical tips, reflective questions and calls to action, this programme helps employees build personal resilience and to learn how to bounce back – or even forwards – from challenges and setbacks.

 Please visit this site for more information:

MyEva from Wealth Wizards

MyEva from Wealth Wizards

Introducing MyEva from Wealth Wizards, a digital financial expert for every employee to help build their financial wellbeing.

It’s widely recognised that financial wellbeing can have a serious impact on the mental health of employees, caused by factors such as a lack of financial understanding, debt, a decrease in income or unexpected bills.

 MyEva is a web-based application, delivering professional financial advice that is fully regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), just like independent financial advisors. It uses a combination of cloud-based AI and human Financial Adviser interaction to help employers support their employees, through the provision of expert, plain English financial advice.

MyEva helps employees to understand their personal financial situation through a financial health check and then provides expert tailored advice that guides them to take control of their financial situation and develop and build their financial wellbeing.

To learn more, visit or follow us on LinkedIn, just search for MyEva.



MyMynd is a digital health platform helping to get ahead of mental health and wellbeing in the workplace; We enable employees to take control of their mental health and help employers target wellbeing efforts at organisational needs.

What clients like NHS England and Oxford University say sets MyMynd apart is the level of engagement with their employees (60% +) and scale of impact achieved as a result of the proactive, data driven approach and 1-to-1 human intervention.

MyMynd proactively identifies issues for early intervention and directs targeted support precisely where needed to strengthen resilience/wellbeing. The platform is based around a secure assessment using clinically validated tools. Employees get a detailed understanding of their mental health (risks) and protective factors (resilience).

Priority concerns are flagged to our trained responder team for 1-to-1 follow up guidance/personalised resources and all users are directed to targeted resources linked to their individual needs to strengthen their ability to cope.

Employers get aggregated data with trends segmented across the workforce to inform wellbeing plans together with a tailored programme to build organisational capability.



MYNDUP offers live 1:1 video sessions for your employees across the entire mental health spectrum, including:

  • Therapy & Counselling
  • Life & Career Coaching
  • Mindfulness & Meditation

With MYNDUP, your team can anonymously benefit from virtual sessions with world-leading experts across the whole mental health spectrum.

Academic research underpins the MYNDUP philosophy – concluding that a range of mental health solutions are required for effective treatment – which is what many EAP providers and insurance companies fail to deliver.

How does it benefit your workforce?

  • Reduced employee stress, anxiety, and depression in 96% of users
  • Boosted employee confidence, motivation, and productivity in 99% of users

MYNDUP has 6x higher engagement rates than the industry average, so you can be sure your team will get the full benefit of a mental health solution.




myTamarin provides employee benefits across critical life stages:

  • Fertility
  • Pregnancy loss
  • Early parenthood
  • Childcare
  • Menopause
  • Eldercare

The service includes expert-led virtual 1on1 consultations, 24/7 online chat, and personalised educational content for both employer and employee.

With 80% of the population currently in a critical life stage, almost every demographic within an organisation can benefit from our extensive services.



Neuron Wellness is a health tech start-up and now the leading provider of Smart Wellness® in the UK. We deliver cutting-edge training courses, wellness programmes and workshops for employers, based on the Amazon best-selling book by neuroscientist and former Olympic psychologist, Dr Julia Jones aka Dr Rock. The Gut-Brain-Axis is at the core of our science-based employee wellness programme. In September 2022, we also launched our new Smart Gut Test, our first Live Bacteria Bar and 30 Diversity fruit and veg subscription box (the only box to actually meet the new recommended nutritional intake of 30 different plants per week). We’ll show you why 50 years of huge diet and fitness trends failed to produce healthy nations. We’ll help you put your workforce back in control of their mental and physical health through the simple Smart Wellness habit-based approach. Our employer client base ranges from SMEs to the world’s leading corporates.

Nuffield Health

Nuffield Health

As the UK’s largest healthcare charity we invest all of our income back into our purpose to build a healthier nation. We do this not only through our industry leading network of hospitals, fitness and wellbeing centres, medical centres and corporate healthcare services but through our wider community impact. We focus on those who benefit from our flagship programmes, on local communities and on the environment to make the nation fitter, healthier, happier and stronger.

One Million Lives

One Million Lives

It’s hard to change mental health until we can measure it.
It’s time to take matters into our own hands.

Mental health is solvable as a challenge if we do it together, we use technology, and we measure results. With One Million Lives, changing a whole societal problem is in the palm of each of our hands. It is time we move beyond awareness…to put our hands up together and, by checking our own mental health, lead the way for others to check theirs too.

By regularly completing a check-in, we‘ll be better equipped to understand how we are currently coping and be able to generate real-time, personalized solutions. We‘ll be able to start conversations and get support much earlier.

Our goal is to create a ripple effect across the globe, where over one million people are inspired to complete a mental health check-in. We want to break down the barriers that hinder honest conversations about mental health and encourage an open culture of support. We believe that one million lives are in our reach. With you beside us, we can reach so many millions more. If ever a problem was worth coming together to harness our values, our networks and our technology, it is this. And the time is now.

One Million Lives check-in tool

Our check-in tool has been developed incorporating the Kessler Psychological Distress Scale (K10), a globally recognized psychological screening tool. The tool allows users to understand their current mental health strengths and challenges and provides suggestions for how to improve mental health based on your own scores. For those who might be feeling well, the tool also assesses early signs and proactive strategies, such as sleep, exercise or social media behaviours.
One Million Lives is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any mental health disease or condition. Please seek immediate help from trained medical physicians if you suspect you are suffering from any mental health or other medical condition.

OML Website:

Check-in Tool:

Campaign Video:

Key Contacts
Project Director: Paul Hendry;
Project Managers: Katie Moore
Amanda Aldred

Peloton Commercial

Peloton Commercial

Peloton Commercial offers the best in fitness—tailored toward your business, with both Peloton and Precor content and equipment.

Peloton Commercial provides an interactive fitness platform for your corporate locations, your employees and beyond.  We provide connected, technology- enabled fitness, and the streaming of immersive instructor-led boutique classes to members, anytime, anywhere.

Why Peloton Commercial?


87% of Members report an improvement in meeting their personal fitness goals.1


65% of Members felt that their overall mental health has improved.1


64% of Members felt more productive at work.1

With custom options tailored to your specific business, Peloton offers an employee wellness program that helps employees reach their wellness goals by providing access to a variety of classes and motivating features that build community.

1. Based on a global survey of approx. 1,400 current active Peloton Members who are employed full or part time; conducted by Peloton in February 2021\.




Cancer isn’t on your terms. The care you get, should be.

As medicine advances, cancer survival rates have improved radically, meaning more people in your organisation are living with and beyond cancer than ever before.

Demands on the NHS, long referral times and lack of accessibility, means cancer supportive care is often lacking. We’re a world leading cancer support platform for people living with and beyond cancer and their carers. Providing personalised support for all those affected, as well as support and education for HR professionals and line managers.

We connect employees to high-quality cancer experts across multi-disciplinary fields. Access is quick and easy, all through our digital platform. We have a vision to reduce the impact of cancer on individuals, families and society, let’s start with your team.



Plumm is a workplace mental wellbeing solution that partners with progressive organisations to level up their company culture to build a more compassionate and productive workforce. Our mission is to make mental wellbeing a reality for every member of the global workforce.

With Plumm, every team member is empowered through on-demand access to a global network of over 200 accredited therapists and coaches to work on any goal they want, anytime from anywhere, using any wellbeing resource they want. 

Employees get instant access to expert-led resources like: 

Personalised therapy and coaching:

  • One-on-one therapy sessions
  • One-on-one coaching sessions
  • 24/7 chat sessions

Self-help resources:

  • Wellbeing courses
  • De-stressing soundscapes
  • Guided meditations

Group learning:

  • Monthly webinars
  • Live workshops
  • Expert-led training sessions

Whether an employee wants to manage stress, combat burnout or improve their leadership skills, Plumm offers people evidence-based care tailored to their needs while helping companies save money in engagement and healthcare costs.




Supporting a hybrid workforce has never been so complex. Introducing Reef by Totem, your own personal ecosystem of live and on-demand content to support your teams mental health and wellbeing. Host your town halls, 1-2-1s, company mental health first aid training, employee well-being surveys, employee voice forum, lunch & learn session, mindfulness session, team learning, development and onboarding all in one place – secure and easy to access with rich data analytics.

Reef is designed to connect your dispersed and hard to reach teams.

Skillbase Training

Skillbase Training

We believe we are the ’Hero Makers!’

Creating Wellbeing Heroes-on-Standby,  for your workplace, trained in a way that gives you confidence, not just competence.

We provide a range of training courses in compliant First Aid, Mental Health, and  ‘Train the Trainer’ courses. We can also work with you to create your own bespoke training.

At SkillBase we have a strong passion for equality in mental and physical health. We give you the knowledge and skills to feel empowered in helping someone when it counts, be it with their physical or mental health. When you train with SkillBase you will experience a relaxed, memorable, and engaging course.

Our Fundamental Wellbeing Training:

  • focuses on giving you confidence to act and create positive change
  • teaches you skills on how to help others and how to look after your own wellbeing
  • Intentionally creates no barriers to helping children and young people


There’s only one person who can change your life: you. And it all starts with your mind. That’s the idea behind Studio Think: the app that helps people get better at life and work in less than 15 minutes a day, by changing their mindset.  

It’s an employee engagement tool like no other — because it doesn’t feel like an employee engagement tool. Think of it as a Mindset Coach in your employees’ pockets, giving your team 24/7 access to the best of personal development knowledge and tools, curated and delivered by coaching experts. It covers the most in-demand areas of mindset training, including Success, Failure and Resilience, Manifestation, Self-Love, Prosperity, Self-Empowerment, and Happiness, among many others.

The founders, Katie Leask and Paul O’Sullivan, have spent years collecting and curating the content — to give everyone the power to take back control of their mindset and their future.

LinkedIn profiles for Co-Founders:

Katie Leask

Paul O’Sullivan



Syrona Health is reinventing Gender-inclusive health and wellbeing through a whole of workforce service digital health platform (SORA)  supporting transitions between life’s health stages. Syrona’s proposition covers including Menopause, Andropause, Fertility, New Parent, Cancer care, Gynaecological health and Men’s health. SORA by Syrona Health is full-stack and modular enabling bespoke enterprise packages.

The Headshot Guy

The Headshot Guy

The Headshot Guy’s mission is to bring Joy, Confidence and Positivity to all that we meet and photograph.

Joy comes from the fun we have in our sessions.

Confidence comes from seeing yourself as others do.

And Positivity is the result.

Pop over and see us at MAD World to experience this yourself and bag a free fun headshot for your LinkedIn profile.

It’s quick, easy and the most rewarding thing you will do today…



Virgin Pulse is the world’s leading digital-first health and wellbeing company. It empowers people to lead happier and healthier lives by engaging them in personal, rewarding ways throughout their health and wellbeing journeys.

What makes us different? Our world-class engagement stands above the rest — with millions of members returning six times a day on average to our programmes, partners, coaches, and resources. The result is lasting behaviour change, thriving businesses and better humans.

Through the combined expertise of our platform, people, and partner network, we simplify and unify all aspects of health and wellbeing for our clients and their members.

To address the most pressing challenges in health and wellbeing, we engage people in ways like no one else and drive meaningful outcomes. Our Homebase for Health® provides users with streamlined access to the resources and tools needed to build lasting, healthy behaviours. Having everything in one place makes it easier for people to understand the goals of their health journey and take action to realise them. By connecting data, people and technology, every member gets a unique, engaging experience.

Virgin Pulse impacts over 100 million people across 190 countries by helping organisations change lives – and businesses – for good.



Wellbees is your all-in-one organisational wellbeing solution to elevating employee wellbeing and creating teams that thrive. #HRdreamsreallydocometrue 

With Wellbees:

  •       Take on eight essential aspects of wellbeing proven to trigger personal & cultural behaviour change.
  •       Provide each employee with AI-driven personalised journeys that lead them through 1-to-1 expert sessions, wellness content, daily pulse checks, rewards for their progress, & opportunities to socialise with challenges, clubs, webinars and more!
  •       Boost employee usage & engagement with the help of our Customer Success gladiators, who act as an extension of your team to drive high participation and outcomes constantly!
  •       Access 60+ aggregate data points on your custom HR Dashboard to track progress & engagement.

Let the numbers speak for themselves…

Wellbees clients have:

67% Step Increase                          50% Decrease in Employee Turnover

63% Active Usage                           19% Mood Impact from Expert Sessions

52% Decrease in Absenteeism       25% Increase in Global Wellbeing Index

Above it all, GDPR is our middle name.

Join the 50+ enterprise clients using Wellbees in 17 countries in eight languages today. 




A platform for the whole workforce, from entry level to CEO. 

Remove unnecessary barriers and give employees the budget and mechanism to autonomously choose the care they need, where & when they need it most.

We’ve built a mechanism to do just that, with the facility to expense care back to you, earning down on a budget that is set by you. You pay for what is used and no more.

We save your employees time by providing quick & easy access to a suite of trusted family care services from pets & children to tuition & senior care.

Employees can either choose to search care or use their own trusted network and can expense both formal & informal care.

Our smart data shows you that they are in work, providing metrics around loyalty & engagement, enabling you to benchmark performance ensuring the organisation and the employee continue to succeed.



At Working To Wellbeing, we believe that everyone struggling with their mental and physical health should have the support to get back on their feet and back to work as soon as they can.

We are specialists in helping people with long-term conditions, including mental health, cancer, heart disease, fatigue, pain and long covid who want to either remain in or return to work when ready. Our team of clinicians also offer line manager support, training and health coaching to enable businesses and their people to thrive.



YuLife is a tech-driven insurance company on a mission to inspire life and turn financial products into a force for good. By harnessing the power of technology, lifestyle medicine and the latest behavioural science, YuLife is building a new insurance model focused on risk prevention, not just claims compensation. The company is transforming the employee benefits market by rewarding employees for healthy living, supporting mental and physical wellbeing and helping foster healthier, happier and more motivated teams.