Sponsor: Onebright

We help organisations and individuals navigate the maze of mental health and wellbeing solutions available to improve their mental health.  We work across the mental health continuum from performance optimisation, early intervention, prevention, and treatment.  

Onebright has been providing clinical excellence in mental health across the UK for 30 years.  It is a pioneer in clinical assessments and treatment for children through to adults, delivering services through more than 3,000 clinicians in 49 languages to more than 55,000 people per year.

We support businesses across the UK to deliver clinical solutions for workplace mental health. We work hard to pinpoint the specifics challenges of an organisation, and then design and implement evidence-based mental health strategies including bespoke insights, clinical services, and a range of training to provide integrated healthcare which helps people.

Our deep understanding of mental health and unrivalled clinical expertise enables us to support your workforce from the first interaction through to recovery. We have a breadth of existing relationships with the UK’s leading service providers of PMI, OH and EAP which gives us a unique ability to deliver consistent care to your employees from whichever channel they reach us.  Our team of experts use data and insights to help businesses make informed decisions, demonstrate ROI, and optimise how they support employee mental health now and in the future.