Sponsor: Unmind

Unmind is the leading global workplace mental health platform, with offices in London, New York, and Sydney. Founded in 2016, its mission is to help companies create mentally healthy workplaces where employees can flourish. Using the latest in scientific evidence, Unmind offers preventative strategies underpinned by data to create sustainable, higher-performing organisations.

Unmind delivers a ‘whole organisation’ approach to improving wellbeing, through a suite of world-class digital tools, resources, and easy access to experts. The platform is designed to help your whole organisation access insights with a comprehensive view of risk factors affecting workplace mental health, provide the tools to educate your leaders so they can enable and foster a healthy culture, and give every employee and their loved ones access to our evidence-based tools.

Built for modern enterprise needs, Unmind partners with clients like Uber, British Airways, Major League Baseball, Disney, Samsung, and Standard Chartered Bank to create mentally healthy workplaces and financially healthy businesses.