Delivering a ‘’Whole Person’’ Workplace Wellbeing Strategy

In the aftermath of the global pandemic, never before has employee mental health and wellbeing been so high on the organisational agenda. In this engaging workshop, our speakers unpack data from the UK and Ireland, which highlights how many people are struggling in the workplace – as concerns about kids, childcare, elderly parents, and money – are not put to one side when the working day has started. The good news, however, is that interventions to improve wellbeing can boost employee productivity by as much as 12%. Join SilverCloud and expert partners at Health Assured, to discuss how to deliver a ‘whole person’ wellness strategy that takes all the elements of an employee’s life into consideration.

This workshop will discuss some key topics related to the ‘whole person’ strategy, including:

  • How do we bring families into the conversation?
  • Supporting new parents
  • Addressing stress
  • Building resilience
  • Helping employees break the cycle of money worries
  • The secret power of sleep